Purchasing a Nicsha Birman kitten.

When you decide to bring a new family member in it is a big decision and there are many things you should consider. If you can visit us before you decide this is preferred but we do understand that not all of our inquiries will be local. Therefore we are more than happy to provide photos and will update via the net once you have decided on a baby. All of our babies leave here at no less than twelve (12) weeks of age at which time they will have had two vaccinations worming (we use Milbemax) micro chipped as per state law and vet checked at least twice in the time they have been with us. We also register all of our pets with Queensland Feline Assoc. Inc and pedigrees will be issued in the name the new family chooses. We also offer 6 weeks free pet insurance with PetPlan and encourage you to continue this policy. We provide a complete diet and care sheet. It is most important to follow the guide given here until your new kitten has adjusted to their new home before you make any changes to diet or litter. We also will include bathing instructions as cat ownership is a commitment of many years it will be of importance to know how to approach and continue good grooming, If you require a kitten to be flown to you we will do this with our preferred company for interstate travel and will also confirm prices when we have the destination. We also ship internationally and all of this is handled by me personally so that your kitten does not experience any more undue stress in the transfer from our home to yours than necessary. A deposit of 25% will secure your selection.. Currently our pets are $ 2,000.00 and this is inclusive of all the above except transportation..

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