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We have many people we connect with and this page is dedicated to sharing what they bring to the ownership of cats.

Firstly and most importantly is my cat dedicated site

After many years of cat ownership we have dedicated this site to all you would need to buy for your new family member, at great selection ( we know what they love)prices and great service from someone that has spent a lifetime of understanding cats and their needs ME!.

We know sometimes you may need a holiday so we recommend if you are in Brisbane to visit for the very best in individual cat accommodation on the south side of Brisbane. We also breed the wonderful Siberian cat and these can be located on my dedicated Siberian site at

We are registered breeders with Queensland Feline Association Inc and as such bound by the Breeder code of ethics enforced by them. You are able to visit their site here

We also hold lifetime membership with the Queensland Birman Club of which I am President here is the link to our site