About Us

Since I first began to breed Birman's all those years ago I have seen many changes, the most remarkable to me is the introduction of the new colours we see today.

I imported my first lilac point stud from Elizabeth Brigliadori in 1992. Swechinthe Huso came to live with me along with a chocolate boy Swechinthe Sanjit. These were the first two imports for Queensland and with the help of Sue Thompson (Arakan Birmans) and Liz Robinson (Sarika & Majik Birmans) I began breeding chocolates and lilacs.

Since I am now more involved in the introduction of my Siberian cats I have now reduced my Birman's and will be concentrating on producing the very best of seal and blue points only. We continue to show our cats throughout the year and will be aiming for some top show kittens in the coming seasons.

All enquiries for Birman kittens will be replied to and I will always be available to help new Birman owners with as much information as they require to be able to decide which is the most suitable kitten for them to purchase. We sometimes have older cats for sale. Please click here to visit them.

All of my kittens are given the best upbringing and are well adjusted so that they will adapt easily to their new home.

I am happy to answer any questions you have and will be only too happy to make an appointment for you to view the parents.

Nicsha Birmans are registered with Morton shire council and holders of breeders permit#AN1862/2010/BAP